Ann Dierckx (1971) creates images in which emotions are captured in the most powerful way possible, with extreme attention to detail. Her sculptures are snapshots of universal human emotions or life experiences. These instantly recognizable sentiments generate a dialog between the artwork and the viewer. It is precisely this interaction that Ann Diercks seeks.

Hyperrealistic sculptures by Ann Dierckx

Ann Dierckx creates her sculptures in clay, which then are cast in bronze or marble resin. She follows the casting process closely. Emotions and facial expressions are central to her works. She rarely gives her works a title because she experiences this as a limitation. Viewers are free to interpret the artwork for themselves based on their own personal experiences and state of mind of that moment.

Biography Ann Dierckx

Ann Dierckx was born on February 10, 1971. She loves her life in Belgium.

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