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‘Fish Ponds’: 3D paintings by Ben Kleyn

Ben Kleyn creates a really fascinating scenery: swimming fish in an original Tibetan singing bowl. Ben paints 24 layers of resin (acrylic paint), starting at the bottom all the way up. Every layer of painted resin – that has to dry at least 24-48 hours before the next layer can be added – becomes a detailed part of these extraordinary hyper realist 3d paintings ‘in a bowl’.

Exclusive at Gallery TON

These Fish Ponds in Tibetan singing bowls are exclusively available at Gallery TON.

Biography Ben Kleyn

Ben Kleyn (1962) is self-taught. His career has now spanned many, many years.

We can safely say that he excels in versatility. As a little boy from Rotterdam, he was already drawing portraits of the regular visitors of his parents’ restaurant on the Westersingel in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

The portraits were a sought-after piece of art, so Bennie was quite busy making them.

A little older, Ben began, successfully, to draw pictures and color them in, beautifully. The works found their way to a gallery in Koblenz, Germany, where people were also very impressed with what that ‘Dutch boy’ could do.

Eventually photography became his interest and he developed a very unique way of making portraits. Lots of Dutch politicians, TV stars, etc, fell under the spell of Ben’s talent.

Frans Molenaar took him into the family, and from then on, only wanted to be photographed by Ben. Ben did not want to become a fashion photographer, so it remained with personal portraits of Frans himself.

A few years ago he took up painting again and the creations of these 3 dimensional ‘Fish Ponds’ are the stunning result of this.