Derek Scholte’s artwork (Assen, 1973) is not easy to classify in one genre. He gives materials, that most consider to be junk or castoffs, a second life. Derek combines, remodels, and sculpts each part and transforms everyday objects into new forms giving them new meaning. These elements are often more familiar to us than we think, we just have to want to see it. He finds things on the street, at flea markets, and second-hand shops. Pieces with a previous life, with a soul. Their beauty can be found in their imperfection.

Artwork by Derek Scholte

Derek Scholte’s work tells the story of people who dare to dream. It’s about people who dare to step off the beaten track and (in their mind) pull away from their daily life for a little while. It’s about people who think outside the box. The dreamers.

Personalities by Derek Scholte

The personalities that Derek brings to life are in many ways similar. However, they do have subtle differences that reference the uniformity of society and the herd mentality of human nature. His personalities have an essential purpose. They engage machines, vehicles, and equipment while dreaming of escaping.

Biography Derek Scholte

Derek Scholte grew up in the turbulent 1980s. After his theater studies, he was active as an actor, teacher, and theater technician for many years. Subsequently he worked as a graphic designer for over 16 years. As an artist, he initially began painting, then worked with paper (urban paper Art), to finally discover a passion for his current work.

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