Tiggeler | Eric

Eric Tiggeler paints cityscapes in a (hyper) realistic way. He does not opt for picturesque scenes, preferring to paint the ordinary city: houses, streets, cars, facades, shop windows. Cityscapes, from small format closeups to extensive city views.

Hyperrealistic cityscapes | Eric Tiggeler

There’s a lack of urban hustle and bustle in Eric’s work: it’s all about silence, the light on the faca-des, the colors, the typography, the architecture. Occasionally he’ll paint detailed chance arrangements that, viewed from a certain angle and in the right light, are worth capturing. A fully packed shop window or a messy street will be elevated above quotidian life. This produces an image which one can wander through endlessly.

In 2019, Eric won the “Dutch Painting of the year 2018” competition.