Cwikla | Ewa

As a fine-art photographer, Ewa Cwikla (1961) mainly creates free work. In her surprising portraits she always looks for emotion. Another typical style characteristic of Ewa’s work is the nostalgic, almost Rembrandt-like light. She is always looking for this kind of wistfulness because this atmosphere offers serenity in this increasingly fast and hectic world.

Fine art photos by Ewa Cwikla

Ewa mainly creates free work in her own way, with an original view on fine-art photography. She has a constant urge to further develop her skills. This also led her to create her own unique filters with which she often edits her photos. It gives her work a uniquely personal signature.

Fine Art Photography Awards and more

Ewa Cwikla recently received two prestigious honors.
Her work Candy Smoke won the international Fine Art Photography Awards.
Following, her work Golden Pillows won the International Colors Awards.
These are confirmations that her work is outstanding and distinct, and especially appreciated by many art lovers.

13 th International Color Awards – Silver
6th Fine Art Photography Awards – GRAND WINNER – PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2020
12th International Color Awards Gold – Portrait 2018
ND Awards – Gold – Portrait -2018
Tokyo Photo Awards 2018 – Silver – Reclame
Fine Art Award Photography – Silver – Portret -2018
Winnaar van de Sony Award – Nederlands portret 2017
Monovisions Photography Awards –
Black & White Fine Art Photo of the Year 2017
Award Winner – Gold – Contemporary Photography – ND 2017
Fine Art Photography Awards –Silver – Child Portrait 2017
Monochrome Photo Award Bronze– Portrait 2017
Monochrome Photo Award Bronze– Portrait 2016

Biography of Ewa Cwikla

Ewa Cwikla (1961) is Polish by birth, but has lived and worked in the Netherlands for decades. Her first experiences with photography go back to Poland when she was 15. At home she found an old Zenith camera with which she experimented to her heart’s content in the after-school photography club of her high school. From then on, she slowly but surely developed her own interpretation within photography.

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