Schriemer | George

Storytelling still lifes

In 1988 George Schriemer succeeds cum laude as a free painter at the Academy of Visual Arts in Groningen. He was taught there by Ger Siks, Wout Muller and Diederik Kraaijpoel, among others. During this training he laid the foundation for his realistic painting style and visual story, which already contained hints of absurdism, symbolism and surrealism. Based on his excellently assessed graduation exhibition, he was immediately invited by the owner of a prominent gallery in Groningen to come and exhibit the following year.

This exhibition was a success and from this gallery it was a logical step to move on to the large galleries of the Central Netherlands. Nevertheless, in 1989 he decided to seek refuge in the illustration world. From that moment on, he developed into a professional and successful illustrator. Both worlds have always appealed to him. As an illustrator he made various illustrations for well-known clients at home and abroad (including book covers for Stephen King, among others). In addition, he regularly commissioned portraits and made various murals. All these creative years have given him a wealth of painting experience. Finally, in 2015 George decides to pick up his free painting again. If the paintings have to be described, then the characterization ‘storytelling still lifes’ is perhaps a fitting one.

His work is executed in the same, but very developed, surrealistic painting style (oil on panel), in which symbolism and absurdism still play a role in his visual stories. These visual stories come up spontaneously again and again while painting, spurred on by personal experiences and perspectives on life.