Those who enjoy soothing and powerful still lifes will certainly appreciate Heidi von Faber’s work. The artist from The Hague paints still lifes in which the influence of the old Dutch masters is clearly reflected. Unique in the way the subject is highlighted against the often extremely dark background. The still lifes show contemporary subjects which are painted in an extremely realistic manner. Heidi von Faber’s work undoubtedly falls into the genre of hyperrealism or photorealism.

Hyperrealistic works of art by Heidi von Faber

With colorful details and without unnecessary additions to the composition. The objects used in everyday life, such as a cup of tea, a glass bottle, fruit, coffee cups, and even tea towels, become powerful still lifes due to their simplicity. However, thanks to the solitary composition, her paintings exude peace and comfort.

Biography Heidi von Faber

Heidi von Faber was born in The Hague in 1963 and can no longer be ignored in the country of still life painters. She captures a sense of time within her modern still lifes, created with acrylics on linen, and can therefore be seen as a leading artist in contemporary realism.

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