Jos Rijff is a renowned painter who specializes in hyperrealism or photorealism. He wants his work to speak for itself… “after all, that’s what matters!” Jos Rijff has created the series Hyper Fragile based on his fascination for hyperrealistic paintings. As inspiration he used the porcelain of the Disco collection from the Markiezenhof depot in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. Some paintings lean towards sur-hyperrealism and feature a quip like pieces of gold leaf to achieve an original effect.

Hyperrealistic painting by Jos Rijff

Jos Rijff’s hyperrealist art does not aim to bring deeper thoughts to the surface, instead he aims to caress the eye and provide a positive feeling. Due to his self-taught curiosity, Rijff has supplemented what he learned at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam in his early years with his own techniques that sometimes cause a stir. His work is indisputably eye-catching.


Biography of Joss Rijff

Jos Rijff (Geldrop, 1953) studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam, the current Willem de Kooning academy. After his studies, he was an art director for several Dutch advertising agencies for over 40 years. Today Jos mainly paints hyperrealism and portraits, both on canvas and panel, using acrylics and oils. In doing so, he combines classic and modern techniques and materials into uniquely admirable works of art.

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