Oosterlee | Marissa

Marissa Oosterlee’s work always contains a deeper personal or social message, as well as her great love for nature. Marissa now enjoys worldwide attention with her hyperrealistic paintings.

Hyperrealistic paintings by Marissa Oosterlee

Marissa Oosterlee has undisputedly established her name with her photorealistic paintings. She creates her own reality in her artwork. Hyperrealistically and convincingly conveyed on canvas. In addition to various painting techniques, she also uses airbrush and her work often consists of acrylic and oil paint.

Biography Marissa Oosterlee

Marissa Oosterlee was born in 1981 in Katwijk, the Netherlands. She started her career as a games illustrator and later studied the traditional painting of the old and new master. She then made her way as a professional painter creating hyperrealistic paintings. And not entirely without merit because Marissa has won several awards for her work.

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