From closed hospitals, to old prisons and abandoned nuclear power plants. Marjolein Loppies looks for special locations for her Urbex photography (also known as Urban Exploration). Abandoned buildings or domains that are not accessible to the public. In doing so, she does not look for the sadness of the abandoned building or surrounding area, but instead captures the colors and remnants of life that once existed on the site. She usually photographs from eye level to avoid distortions. This gives the viewer the special feeling of being present inside of the image.

Urbex photography by Marjolein Loppies

Marjolein often visits restricted locations for her work. These are often very seductive because of the unique story they tell. Sometimes it seems as if people have been disappeared. Marjolein has one clear rule: everything on the location has to remain untouched! Once she has captured her images, only her footsteps and the impressions of the tripod remain visible in the dust.

Biography Marjolein Loppies

Marjolein once wanted to become a pop photographer. She followed the photography course at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. After her basic education at the

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