Miles van Rensselaer is a New York sculptor who creates fascinating hyperrealist statues. His hand sculptures, in which blown glass flows through the fingers of a bronze hand, have become renowned. These works of art both admire and denounce the virtual era in which we live. The combination of the largely cast bronze together with the blown glass is far from simple.

Bronze and glass artwork by Miles van Rensselaer

Miles van Rensselaer succeeds time and again in creating something exceptional with the careful interplay of two dissimilar materials. Method, design, and idea make each sculpture unique, combining age-old materials and techniques into new compositions that fix the material to make thoughts permanent. Miles van Renssealaer creates sculptures that make a profound impact, celebrate life, and honor modesty.

Miles van Rensselaer biography

Miles received his bachelor’s degree from Kenyon College and studied glass at the Penland School of Craft and Bucks Country Community. His work can be found in several public collections, including the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia and the Shanghai Museum of Glass in China. In the Netherlands, you can contact Galerie TON for Miles van Rensselaer’s work.

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