van der Meijden | Roos

The paintings by realist artist Roos van der Meijden include recognizable classic influences. However, anyone who takes time to view the work also finds contemporary notes. Roos works with oil and acrylic paint, following the principles of the Old Masters. She combines these techniques with her own colors and vision. Even simple everyday scenes make a huge impression.

Realist artist Roos van der Meijden

Roos van der Meijden’s paintings are rarely an exact copy of reality. Reality is only a starting point. Her subject matter varies, yet the contrast between light and shadow as well as the reflections in windows and water are recurring themes.

Roos van der Meijden biography

Roos van der Meijden lives and works in Pijnacker, the Netherlands. In 2001 she graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. As a painter she specializes in realism.

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