Shotbysud | Sudhir Ramman

Raw and edgy fine art photography

Art photographer Sudhir Ramman is known under the name Shotbysud. His style is raw and edgy and his work is always provocative. In his photography, Sud explores themes like testing limits, strength, vulnerability and empowerment. It is this juxtaposition that makes his work unpredictable and unique. Whether you view a clean or a more rough  image, Sud’s work makes you feel something.

Sud draws much of his inspiration from cinematics. The art of visual storytelling through emotions, sets, lighting techniques and color grading is a very noticeable influence on his work. Much in his own way, Sud uses these techniques in his photography to create his own worlds. Each image he produces feels cinematic. Every aspect of the visuals is deliberate. Each model plays a specific role. However, every viewer is free to interpret and give meaning to the image in his/her/their own way.