Henk Jan Sanderman

Biography painter Henk Jan Sanderman

Painter Henk Jan Sanderman (1975, Ermelo) lives and works in Hulshorst (Netherlands). In 2013, he changed course. Two engineering titles and twelve years of marketing experience in a commercial environment did not take him where he had to be. That is why he now stands in front of a class in primary education and behind the easel. His ideal combination between social interaction and creation.

In 2014 Henk Jan was a participant in the Dutch television program ‘ Sterren op het Doek ‘ and made a portrait of Seth Gaaikema . In 2015, he was asked for the final season of ‘ Sterren op het Doek ‘, with the best artists of the past nine seasons. Eventually Ria Bremer choose the portrait painting that Henk Jan had made.

Hyperrealistic paintings by Henk Jan Sanderman

After the experience he gained in making portrait paintings in the master of very realistic painting, he focused on making something close to his heart, humorous work. In his work, Humorous Hyperrealism, he sets out his objects in great detail against a black and white background.

Ben Kleyn

‘Fish Ponds’: 3D paintings by Ben Kleyn

Ben Kleyn creates a really fascinating scenery: swimming fish in an original Tibetan singing bowl. Ben paints 24 layers of resin (acrylic paint), starting at the bottom all the way up. Every layer of painted resin – that has to dry at least 24-48 hours before the next layer can be added – becomes a detailed part of these extraordinary hyper realist 3d paintings ‘in a bowl’.

Exclusive at Gallery TON

These Fish Ponds in Tibetan singing bowls are exclusively available at Gallery TON.

Biography Ben Kleyn

Ben Kleyn (1962) is self-taught. His career has now spanned many, many years.

We can safely say that he excels in versatility. As a little boy from Rotterdam, he was already drawing portraits of the regular visitors of his parents’ restaurant on the Westersingel in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

The portraits were a sought-after piece of art, so Bennie was quite busy making them.

A little older, Ben began, successfully, to draw pictures and color them in, beautifully. The works found their way to a gallery in Koblenz, Germany, where people were also very impressed with what that ‘Dutch boy’ could do.

Eventually photography became his interest and he developed a very unique way of making portraits. Lots of Dutch politicians, TV stars, etc, fell under the spell of Ben’s talent.

Frans Molenaar took him into the family, and from then on, only wanted to be photographed by Ben. Ben did not want to become a fashion photographer, so it remained with personal portraits of Frans himself.

A few years ago he took up painting again and the creations of these 3 dimensional ‘Fish Ponds’ are the stunning result of this.

Teresa Wells

Bronze on steel sculptures | Teresa Wells

Teresa Wells creates emotive figurative sculptures in bronze, that celebrate man’s physical and emotional survival over adversity. Inspired by the question “How do Humans Behave”, she draws inspiration from the contours of athletes and ballet dancers to emphasise a physical strength, placing them in precarious poses to stress fragility. When combined with geometric architectural supports, in steel and stone, she shows a contemporary approach to bronze, lifting it off the the plinth and making it appear less monumental and traditional.

Eric Tiggeler

Eric Tiggeler paints cityscapes in a (hyper) realistic way. He does not opt for picturesque scenes, preferring to paint the ordinary city: houses, streets, cars, facades, shop windows. Cityscapes, from small format closeups to extensive city views.

Hyperrealistic cityscapes | Eric Tiggeler

There’s a lack of urban hustle and bustle in Eric’s work: it’s all about silence, the light on the faca-des, the colors, the typography, the architecture. Occasionally he’ll paint detailed chance arrangements that, viewed from a certain angle and in the right light, are worth capturing. A fully packed shop window or a messy street will be elevated above quotidian life. This produces an image which one can wander through endlessly.

In 2019, Eric won the “Dutch Painting of the year 2018” competition.

Johannes Wessmark

Johannes Wessmark is a self-taught photo-realist artist working with acrylics and oils. His studio is located in the middle of the Swedish wilderness.

Realist artist Johannes Wessmark

Johannes Wessmark was born in Karlstad in 1962, he lives and works in Nedre Bondestad Old School a few miles north of Karlstad in Sweden.

Education: self-taught
Background: 15 years as an advertising illustrator
Style: hyperrealism
Technique: acrylic and oil on canvas

Reinder Ourensma

Hyper-realistic paintings by Reinder Ourensma

“The Irish landscape inspires and intrigues me. I paint what I see, what I feel and what touches me. Through my work I try to retrieve moments of intense euphoria, emotion or mystique – just like a poet when writing poems.”

Reinder Ourensma & Gallery TON

Reinder Ourensma (1952) lives and works in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. He developed a love for figurative work during his studies at Minerva Art Academy. Inspired and motivated by teachers of new realism alike Wout Muller and Ger Siks. While working as an arts and crafts teacher from 1972, he continued to develop as an artist in his spare time and in relative anonymity. Since 2014 Reinder is working full time as a fine art painter. For over thirty years now he has been focusing on the pristine, rugged and quiet Irish landscapes.

Miriam Meulepas

Sculptures by Miriam Meulepas

What inspires me the most is the vulnerability and transiency of the human race. I enjoy making my work as it allows me to show all the different emotions that human beings have.

Beyond my kinda confronting work i also like to create small veheicle’s from old machine parts or old tools for example. In the veheicle’s are small human like figures made from stoneware. These artworks have some humor but also show some vulnerability. With these old rusty and not usable machine parts and tools i create new life for my small sculptures.

Education Miriam Meulepas

Sculpting – Academie voor schone kunsten at Arendonk, Belgium
Specialization sculpting – Academie voor schone kunsten at Arendonk, Belgium


Roos van der Meijden

The paintings by realist artist Roos van der Meijden include recognizable classic influences. However, anyone who takes time to view the work also finds contemporary notes. Roos works with oil and acrylic paint, following the principles of the Old Masters. She combines these techniques with her own colors and vision. Even simple everyday scenes make a huge impression.

Realist artist Roos van der Meijden

Roos van der Meijden’s paintings are rarely an exact copy of reality. Reality is only a starting point. Her subject matter varies, yet the contrast between light and shadow as well as the reflections in windows and water are recurring themes.

Roos van der Meijden biography

Roos van der Meijden lives and works in Pijnacker, the Netherlands. In 2001 she graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. As a painter she specializes in realism.

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Marissa Oosterlee

Marissa Oosterlee’s work always contains a deeper personal or social message, as well as her great love for nature. Marissa now enjoys worldwide attention with her hyperrealistic paintings.

Hyperrealistic paintings by Marissa Oosterlee

Marissa Oosterlee has undisputedly established her name with her photorealistic paintings. She creates her own reality in her artwork. Hyperrealistically and convincingly conveyed on canvas. In addition to various painting techniques, she also uses airbrush and her work often consists of acrylic and oil paint.

Biography Marissa Oosterlee

Marissa Oosterlee was born in 1981 in Katwijk, the Netherlands. She started her career as a games illustrator and later studied the traditional painting of the old and new master. She then made her way as a professional painter creating hyperrealistic paintings. And not entirely without merit because Marissa has won several awards for her work.


2020 American Art Collector’s choice Award
2018 Creative Achievement Award, Peterson Gallery – Santa Fe, New Mexico
2017 Artist’s Choice Award Winfield gallery – Carmel by the Sea California
Finalist Artist’s Magazine Competition 2018 with Angerona
Finalist Artist’s Magazine Competition 2006 with Left Behind
Nominatie Kunstenaar van het Jaar 2017 with Hamkaas
Finalist Salmagundi New York 2019
Honorable mention NTD TV New York

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