Johannes Wessmark

Johannes Wessmark is a self-taught photo-realist artist working with acrylics and oils. His studio is located in the middle of the Swedish wilderness.

Realist artist Johannes Wessmark

Johannes Wessmark was born in Karlstad in 1962, he lives and works in Nedre Bondestad Old School a few miles north of Karlstad in Sweden.

Education: self-taught
Background: 15 years as an advertising illustrator
Style: hyperrealism
Technique: acrylic and oil on canvas

Reinder Ourensma

Hyper-realistic paintings by Reinder Ourensma

“The Irish landscape inspires and intrigues me. I paint what I see, what I feel and what touches me. Through my work I try to retrieve moments of intense euphoria, emotion or mystique – just like a poet when writing poems.”

Reinder Ourensma & Gallery TON

Reinder Ourensma (1952) lives and works in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. He developed a love for figurative work during his studies at Minerva Art Academy. Inspired and motivated by teachers of new realism alike Wout Muller and Ger Siks. While working as an arts and crafts teacher from 1972, he continued to develop as an artist in his spare time and in relative anonymity. Since 2014 Reinder is working full time as a fine art painter. For over thirty years now he has been focusing on the pristine, rugged and quiet Irish landscapes.

Miriam Meulepas

Sculptures by Miriam Meulepas

What inspires me the most is the vulnerability and transiency of the human race. I enjoy making my work as it allows me to show all the different emotions that human beings have.

Beyond my kinda confronting work i also like to create small veheicle’s from old machine parts or old tools for example. In the veheicle’s are small human like figures made from stoneware. These artworks have some humor but also show some vulnerability. With these old rusty and not usable machine parts and tools i create new life for my small sculptures.

Education Miriam Meulepas

Sculpting – Academie voor schone kunsten at Arendonk, Belgium
Specialization sculpting – Academie voor schone kunsten at Arendonk, Belgium


Roos van der Meijden

The paintings by realist artist Roos van der Meijden include recognizable classic influences. However, anyone who takes time to view the work also finds contemporary notes. Roos works with oil and acrylic paint, following the principles of the Old Masters. She combines these techniques with her own colors and vision. Even simple everyday scenes make a huge impression.

Realist artist Roos van der Meijden

Roos van der Meijden’s paintings are rarely an exact copy of reality. Reality is only a starting point. Her subject matter varies, yet the contrast between light and shadow as well as the reflections in windows and water are recurring themes.

Roos van der Meijden biography

Roos van der Meijden lives and works in Pijnacker, the Netherlands. In 2001 she graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. As a painter she specializes in realism.

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Duarte Vitória (1973) lives and works in Porto, Portugal, and holds a diploma in Drawing, Painting and Fine Arts from ESAP.

Paintings by Duarte Vitória

Duarte Vitória creates oil paintings in an inimitable way where the dramatic use of color predominates. It ensures that the spectator is immersed in a rollercoaster of emotions. Every detail of the anatomy is accentuated by brushstrokes. Duarte Vitoria’s artwork has a direct effect on the viewer, who faces the impossible task of choosing between visions of beauty and rawness.

Biography Duarte Vitória

For over a decade, Vitória’s work has been exhibited across European cities such as Lisbon, Madrid, Brussels, Venice, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Basel, Paris, London, as well as in Toronto, New York, and Miami. His work can be found in various public and private collections.

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Derek Scholte’s artwork (Assen, 1973) is not easy to classify in one genre. He gives materials, that most consider to be junk or castoffs, a second life. Derek combines, remodels, and sculpts each part and transforms everyday objects into new forms giving them new meaning. These elements are often more familiar to us than we think, we just have to want to see it. He finds things on the street, at flea markets, and second-hand shops. Pieces with a previous life, with a soul. Their beauty can be found in their imperfection.

Artwork by Derek Scholte

Derek Scholte’s work tells the story of people who dare to dream. It’s about people who dare to step off the beaten track and (in their mind) pull away from their daily life for a little while. It’s about people who think outside the box. The dreamers.

Personalities by Derek Scholte

The personalities that Derek brings to life are in many ways similar. However, they do have subtle differences that reference the uniformity of society and the herd mentality of human nature. His personalities have an essential purpose. They engage machines, vehicles, and equipment while dreaming of escaping.

Biography Derek Scholte

Derek Scholte grew up in the turbulent 1980s. After his theater studies, he was active as an actor, teacher, and theater technician for many years. Subsequently he worked as a graphic designer for over 16 years. As an artist, he initially began painting, then worked with paper (urban paper Art), to finally discover a passion for his current work.

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Jos Rijff is a renowned painter who specializes in hyperrealism or photorealism. He wants his work to speak for itself… “after all, that’s what matters!” Jos Rijff has created the series Hyper Fragile based on his fascination for hyperrealistic paintings. As inspiration he used the porcelain of the Disco collection from the Markiezenhof depot in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. Some paintings lean towards sur-hyperrealism and feature a quip like pieces of gold leaf to achieve an original effect.

Hyperrealistic painting by Jos Rijff

Jos Rijff’s hyperrealist art does not aim to bring deeper thoughts to the surface, instead he aims to caress the eye and provide a positive feeling. Due to his self-taught curiosity, Rijff has supplemented what he learned at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam in his early years with his own techniques that sometimes cause a stir. His work is indisputably eye-catching.


Biography of Joss Rijff

Jos Rijff (Geldrop, 1953) studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam, the current Willem de Kooning academy. After his studies, he was an art director for several Dutch advertising agencies for over 40 years. Today Jos mainly paints hyperrealism and portraits, both on canvas and panel, using acrylics and oils. In doing so, he combines classic and modern techniques and materials into uniquely admirable works of art.

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Miles van Rensselaer is a New York sculptor who creates fascinating hyperrealist statues. His hand sculptures, in which blown glass flows through the fingers of a bronze hand, have become renowned. These works of art both admire and denounce the virtual era in which we live. The combination of the largely cast bronze together with the blown glass is far from simple.

Bronze and glass artwork by Miles van Rensselaer

Miles van Rensselaer succeeds time and again in creating something exceptional with the careful interplay of two dissimilar materials. Method, design, and idea make each sculpture unique, combining age-old materials and techniques into new compositions that fix the material to make thoughts permanent. Miles van Renssealaer creates sculptures that make a profound impact, celebrate life, and honor modesty.

Miles van Rensselaer biography

Miles received his bachelor’s degree from Kenyon College and studied glass at the Penland School of Craft and Bucks Country Community. His work can be found in several public collections, including the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia and the Shanghai Museum of Glass in China. In the Netherlands, you can contact Galerie TON for Miles van Rensselaer’s work.

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Carolina Paulussen (1963) was spoon-fed a passion for art from early childhood. She grew up in a family of architects which encouraged her interest in art. She gave her creativity free rein when she initially focused on pastel and conté drawings. Eventually she found her calling in painting.

Carolina Paulussen artwork
Carolina is a successful artist, showing a lot of versatility and a keen sense of color. Her artworks often contain a classic theme articulated in a contemporary look. Her works are based on expression and constant innovation. Due to the diversity of color combinations and her flowing yet thoughtful way of painting, she knows how to evoke both dynamism and stillness.

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Omar Ortiz (Mexico, 1977) has a passion: to capture his subject matter on linen canvas as lifelike as possible. Omar is known for his stunningly realistic paintings of the human body. “I really enjoy the challenge of reproducing skin tones, preferably in natural light. I like to keep the simplicity in pieces, because I believe that overabundance takes away from the artwork.”

The hyperrealism paintings of Omar Ortiz

Omar Ortiz’s work, characterized as minimalist and hyperrealist, emphasizes the human body. The backgrounds are often filled with textures, and Omar skillfully captures a magical interplay of surfaces in his work.

Biography Omar Ortiz

Omar Ortiz was born in 1977 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where he still lives today. He has been interested in drawing and illustration since childhood. He studied for a degree in graphic design, where he learned various techniques, such as hand drawing, pastels, charcoal, watercolors, acrylic paint, and airbrushing.

Once his studies were completed, he decided to paint professionally. In 2002 he followed his first oil painting lessons with the artist Carmen Alarcón, whom he considers his most important teacher. He currently works in oils because they allow him the maximum possible techniques.

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