Reinder Ourensma & Gallery TON

Yet another nice addition to our stock collection. The hyperrealistic landscape paintings by Reinder Ourensmaradiate peace and serenity.

With a high dose of patience, energy, and color, Reinder seeks a subtle balance in each painting, down to the smallest details. He portrays what is essential to him, leaving out the superfluous. His artworks always exude a somewhat alienating atmosphere, in an exuberant yet modest way simultaneously.

Reinder Ourensma and Gallery TON

From now on, Reinder’s paintings are represented at Galerie TON.

View the artworks of Reinder Ourensma here

Miriam Meulepas & Gallery TON

“Intriguing, confrontational, and highly realistic.” These are just a few responses that the artworks by MirianMeulepas evoke in viewers. Her sculptures are now represented by our gallery.

Miriam is inspired by human transience. She finds it extremely fascinating to depict the emotions of decay in her work. For instance, she finds the psychiatric world very inspiring. The vulnerability of these people speaks volumes.

Education Miriam Meulepas

Sculpting – Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk, Belgium
Specialization in sculpture – Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk, Belgium

View the works of Miriam Meulepas here